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How to fix error ? Due to the fact that the most common pages are product pages, we will focus in this article on how to deal with them. The methods present below will also apply to other subpages with the code, . blog articles, offer pages, etc. Product as temporarily unavailable If your product is only temporarily unavailable – do not remove it or hide it from the user on the website! If you know that a given product will return to the store’s offer and it is only a matter of time – inform the user about it.

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Product unavailable – how to present (sfmeble – a good example of information about an unavailable product) The above example of the sfmeble Denmark Cell Phone Number List store shows how in an interesting way you can inform the user about the unavailability of a product, . information about the possibility of contacting the store to verify whether a given product can be import especially for him or support in finding a similar product. This solution encourages the user to stay on our website and further contact with the store staff, thanks to which there is a chance to maintain “bonds” with a potential customer.

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If a normal page is display, the user is likely to leave our site within a few seconds. In addition, this solution often allows you to maintain a high position in the Google search engine for longer, because Google Bot still sees a full-flg product subpage with a status of (status means that a given subpage exists on the server, unlike pages with a status). Similar USB Directory products In the event that your product will not return to the store’s offer, but you are able to offer similar products that fulfill the same functions – then do not delete the unavailable product page, but use it to inform about the unavailability of the product and offer similar products.

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