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Now, however, this solution is also under a big question mark. The Supreme Administrative Court rul that the presence of pharmacies’ offers in price comparison websites constitutes a violation of the ban on advertising. The court decid that pharmacies may present their offer only on their own website, and that the comparison site is an external service, and the presence on it has a clear advertising purpose. As we read in the justification: “The comparison engine is therefore not an ordinary list of product prices, because the essence of its operation is to rank stores according to the price of the products offer.

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Therefore, if an online pharmacy uses a price comparison website, it does so only for one purpose – to make the user purchase a given Canada Mobile Number List product in this pharmacy bas on its price.” Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court: Ref. No. act II GSK SEO Copywriting from specialists Check out our >> OFFER << Actions Allow by Law So, are there activities that online pharmacies can take in the digital environment without exposing themselves to breaking the pharmaceutical law and high fines? In this situation, SEO remains the most sensible solution for scaling and generating transactions.

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Optimizing the website in this regard, combin with high-quality content on the website, will allow you to achieve a high position in the search engine, and thus reach more potential customers. It is also worth remembering that on its own website a pharmacy can present its attractively pric offer without fear, as long as it does so in accordance with the USB Directory rules set out by the legislator. E-commerce in the Czech Republic. #Grow Global infographic Sempai December , You will read in ~ min. Export infographic – Czech Republic The e-commerce market in the Czech Republic is constantly developing, thus offering many opportunities and a chance to reach new groups of potential customers.