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All you have to do is refresh them and fill them with data (read our article on content recycling and learn how). Conduct a competitor content audit A very important element of the content audit is also the location of the so-call content gaps. Content gaps are content that you don’t have on your site. And you should, because your competition has them. How to find them? Check the content activities of your competition using tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush.

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Choose a few of the largest competing companies and: analyze the keywords their sites rank for; check what their most popular and engaging content is, as well as which ones give them the most organic traffic; read their blogs and catch what makes Shandong Mobile Phone Number List the content stand out; verify which content distribution channels your competitors choose (own website, external portals, newsletter, social mia, YouTube channel, etc.). In other words, “work out the enemy”, get to know his strengths, but also his shortcomings. Thanks to this, you will learn what and how to publish and what to avoid. Analyze your keywords Content and SEO are as good a duo as ice cream and salty popcorn (seriously.

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If you want to create content that will attract users, you can’t forget about keyword analysis. Use the already mention Ahrefs or SEMrush tools for this, and also try Google Keyword Planner. You can also outsource it to an SEO agency that will USB Directory approach the topic in the most comprehensive way. Comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << How to prepare a good content marketing plan? You already know what is missing on your website, what your recipients expect and what to do to stay ahead of the competition. Now you ne to close it within the plan and schule.

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