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What is internet marketing When deciding to set up a website or an e-commerce store, we should ask ourselves the question – how will we reach all our potential customers? This is what internet marketing is all about – using all available means to show your business from the best side. Currently, we have a whole range of tools and advertising activities at our disposal to help us with this. Choosing the right one is quite a challenge, but it will allow us to appear in online advertising. Let’s take a look at what possibilities we have to conduct effective internet marketing and understand what online marketing is.

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Types of internet marketing Internet marketing is a very broad concept, consisting of many areas. SEO, Google Ads or Facebook Ads are just some of them. We will take a closer look at the most popular types of online marketing. SEO – optimization Taiwan Mobile Number List is and positioning SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, are activities aim at increasing the visibility of our website in the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ). So we are talking here about search results for individual key phrases. For example, if we want to search for the phrase “Sempai internet marketing”, the first result we will see will be a Search ad launch via Google Ads.

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On the other hand, the next results, locat directly after the ads, will result from SEO activities. SEO – optimization and positioning SEO is about increasing the visibility of our website for specific keyword phrases. To this end, SEO specialists USB Directory undertake a lot of activities, both on the landing page (on-site) and outside it (off-site). Such activities are aim at adapting the website to the requirements set by search engines. Examples of on-site activities: optimization of meta tags and Hx headers, which allows to indicate to Google robots the most important elements on the website and to match a given subpage to user queries; optimization of the category.