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It is worth adding that content duplication can be internal, within your own website, as well as external. If we have many subpages, we may not even realize that we are duplicating identical content. Not to mention those on external sites, because here we have absolutely no control over whether someone simply copi them from our site. Importantly, Google robots use canonical pages as the main source of content and quality evaluation. They are the ones that appear most often in search results, unless one of the duplicates better suits the query. The canonical tag is also known by other names, such as canonical link, canonical address, canonical URL.

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Canonical and rel=”canonical” or rel canonical tag, canonical URL tag and canonical link tag. The page code looks like this <link rel=”canonical” href=”sxyzdocelowyarticle” >. As you can see, the header of the HTML document absolutely must include Hungary Mobile Number List the full address of the website with s, not or nothing at all. We must also be aware that canonical links are only a suggestion, a guide. This means that the robots are not oblig to listen to us and display only the indicat pages in their results. When to use canonical? We place Canonical in page addresses ( in the headers of each of them) with content very similar to the basic tab.

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These tags are useful when we have an extensive site structure and different URLs, but very similar ones. This happens, among others, in the case of online stores that have many products that differ only in size or color. It is then good to create a unique USB Directory description for each of them, or to compromise and mark one page with the main description with canonical. It can also be a challenge if we have filter or sort products within one category, for example by price or size. Then the URL changes every time, even though the content stays the same. If we do not insert a canonical link, Google robots will consider it duplicate content.