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However these are not all arguments in favor of a loyalty strategy. There is also a non-financial advantage – loyal customers can become advocates” of a brand or company: they will leave a useful review about you, give high-quality feedback after making a purchase, recommend your store to friends, etc. 5 customer retention methods So, what to do in order to increase the Retention Rate, reduce customer churn and increase their loyalty? Here are some tricks that will make your retention strategy more effective: Watch out for churn signals Obviously, it is better to prevent a problem than to deal with its consequences. Therefore, having understood the reasons for the client’s dissatisfaction in time, carefully listening to his opinion, you can notice signals about his approaching departure.

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To capture these “warning” signals, you can build key customer behavior variables, such as the history of support requests. Then analyze these signals and take action to process the appeals. This problem can be solved by measuring key indicators of customer Turkey Mobile Number List service quality, including the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index. You can conduct a survey in different ways: direct or additional links, embedding on the site, pop-up window or widget, email newsletter. For example, this is how the mailing list for customers of the Mir Korma online store looks like: Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to Grow Retention Rate Find an approach to each customer segment The.

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More you know about your customers, the better you can tailor your approach to each of them, building the most effective communication. By segmenting the audience by interests, you can recommend a group of your customers certain products that best suit their USB Directory needs and interests. For example, Bombbar, an online health food store, sends email campaigns to different customer segments based on category interest: Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to Grow Retention Rate Reward your profitable VIP clients A customer who spends more than.