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How long it should take between emails, and which scenario to prioritize if the shopper has completed actions on different devices. Trigger emails not only increase repeat purchases, but also increase subscriber loyalty: thanks for the purchase, suggestion of the next likely purchase, and other scenarios improve the shopping experience and motivate to buy again and again in the store. Gipfel online store launched 5 main trigger scenarios.

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Abandoned cart; Abandoned ViewAbandoned search; Reactivation; Email after purchase. This is how the Gipfel trigger card looks like: More than 12% revenue growth with triggered emails: Gipfel case Let’s take a closer look at each of the scenarios: We remind you of Country Email List the products that the customer “forgot” in the cart A must-have for marketers “Abandoned Cart” is one of the most effective tools for returning a customer to an online store. The client can add goods to the cart to buy them immediately, a little later, or follow the price changes for the items of interest to him. If he has not completed the checkout.

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The newsletter will remind him of the contents of the basket and allow him to show personal recommendations, among which he can find the most relevant product. More than 12% revenue growth with triggered emails: Gipped case Reminders about viewed products Opening a product card demonstrates the customer’s interest in a particular USB Directory catalog item. If, after viewing, the buyer no longer moves up the sales funnel, after a certain time he receives a trigger email. It contains viewed products and recommendations that may be of interest to the recipient based on their interests and preferences. More than 12% revenue growth with triggered emails: Gipfel case e buyer was looking for When a buyer searches for a product through the search bar in an online store, he demonstrates his interest in this catalog item. But if, for some reason, he did not continue his Customer Journey, he is sent a letter according to the Abandoned View trigger scenario.

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