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Also, we, as website owners, can often accidentally provide an incorrect internal link in our category descriptionsblog articles in order to direct the user to another subpage of our website – so the effect is the same as mention above, a page with a error will be display . Changing the URL structure An equally common reason for large-scale errors is the change in the structure of URLs, which most often occurs when a website is migrat from one CMS to another store management system. Example of the old product URL structure: .domainnike-air-max-r shoes Example of the new product URL structure.

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Domena p nike-air-max-r shoes As you can see in the above-mention examples, the shop on the new CMS automatically adds “ p” to the product URLs after the domain name – meaning ‘product’. So, if during the website migration URL structure Croatia Mobile Number List change we do not perform appropriate rirects (permanent rirection of the old URL to the new one), then users and search engine robots may still want to use the old URLs, which in such a situation will display the error even though the product exists, but at a “slightly different” URL. Manual modification of the URL There are also cases of errors resulting from manually changing product names or product URLs, for example.

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A shoe store inventory manager was ask to add additional sizes to the product names. Old product name : R Nike Air Max shoes Old product URL: .domenanike-air-max-r shoes New product name : R Nike Air Max shoes In this way, although the person USB Directory managing the store assortment does not chang the URL address, but only the name of the product – the CMS system can often automatically change the URL address bas on the change of the product name, a new URL address for the product is automatically generat: .domainbuty-nike-air-max-czerwone.

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