Say hello to drag and drop rich media

The most common errors on Facook graphics What to beware of when it comes to posting images on Facook? Here is a list of the most common mistakes Tet – insufficiently distinguish color, illegible font, mismatch of several us fonts, too much tet, illogical arrangement of words or sentences that make reading difficult, writing in small print, placing tet on the background of the photo without taking care of its legibility; Color – clashing colors, no distinctive color, too many colors in one graphic, colors of posts inconsistent with the brand image; Format – uploading vertical graphics, which is cropp from the bottom in the post preview unless it is intentional, too much weight of the upload file, which loses quality when compress.

Combining display and social production

Record videos Short video forms are a hit of current trends in social mia, as evidenc by the great popularity of TikTok and Instagram Stories or the recent introduction of the Shorts format by YouTube. It is a form that requires the least attention Netherlands Phone Numbers List from the recipient – it lasts a few secondsminutes and can be watch, listen or read if it has subtitles, which is why it works in virtually all situations in which we consume it. Don’t be afraid to implement this format on your Facook page. Films that do not ece a minute and which convey interesting content are the most watch materials on the discuss platform.

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Automate display and social production

Of course, longer forms are still acceptable, but reserve them for topics that actually require it, such as interviews, tutorials or reviews. Facook introduc a Watch section in where you can watch videos upload by creators. Each user will eperience USB Directory a personaliz mi of video content bas on their interests. By publishing a video, you have one more chance than with a static form to show your audience. However, please note that only videos from verifi Pages and profiles and from Pages and profiles with more than , views can appear on Watch. followers.