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More about sempai merchant ssempaiofertasempai-merchant- congratulations to the winners in the other categories eobuwie, modivo, empik, tradedoubler polska, ccc shoes & bags, appnext, salestube, travelist, omd poland, bluerank, sempai, contenthouse, insignia, performance media, bosch global, whites. Rfm analysis – adapt the strategy to the behavior of your audience and increase the loyalty of your customers anna idzior-mironowicz may , you will read in ~ min. Rfm analysis with the dynamic growth of the e-commerce industry in poland and around the world in recent years, and in particular during the covid- pandemic, along with a number of new development opportunities, the dynamically growing number of online stores and their.

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Customers has become a major challenge for sellers. Analyzes of the behavior of online buyers show that despite initial resistance, pandemic restrictions in brick-and-mortar stores and successive lockdowns have made online stores in many industries Poland Mobile Number List today the stores of first choice. Paradoxically, the lifting of restrictions and barriers in traditional trade did not cause buyers to abandon online shopping in favor of traditional stores. This confirms our belief that the change that has taken place in the area of ​​online sales is permanent. The growing competition in the e-commerce industry, on the one hand, drives solutions that facilitate and streamline online shopping, on the other hand, it also forces the implementation of completely new strategies tailored to increasingly aware and demanding consumers.

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The key to developing appropriate marketing activities is getting to know your customers as well as possible and adapting all communication to the behavior of the target group. After the initial determination of who the customers are, it USB Directory is worth using the database segmentation and, based on the adopted variables, designate subgroups. Then, you can adjust the advertising model and methods of “Moving” customers from the least valuable groups for a specific business to the most valuable ones. For this purpose, we have several segmentation models at our disposal.