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It can also help to simplify the shopping path as much as possible and show. The net steps in a graphical form. What is worth noting, the percentage of abandon carts is higher on mobile devices, which is relat to the aforemention behavior of users who prefer to finish shopping on the desktop. Optimization of forms According to statistics, as much as of lead generation depends on a good contact form or newsletter subscription. It usually consists of data entry fields, a send button and information about the legal provisions on data protection and the possibility of withdrawing marketing consents.

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Depending on the type of form, you may ne different types of data. These can be tetbo, password field, phone number field, date Denmark Cell Phone Number List field, checkboes, drop-down lists, multi-line tet boes and more. Summary In SO, one plane complements the other. All this to bring the effect of satisfi converting customers who will be happy to return to the place with which they associate positive eperiences. What is SEO and how is it different from SEO? Paulina Hendożko September , You will read in ~ min. SEO and wsite positioning.

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Many people starting their adventure with their wsite want it to attract as many users or customers as possible. How to do it? The answer is simple – just focus on two basic activities. The first is the process of optimizing the wsite, SEO, and the second USB Directory is a much broader process of positioning. What is this? What are the differences between them? Why is it worth choosing this type of treatments within the site? You will find out later in the article. What is SEO? According to the definition, SEO Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than the process of optimizing a wsite for search engines.