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It is enough to “teach” the algorithm your preferences at the beginning to receive a fe fill with interesting content tailor to the user’s interests. Who is on TikTok – who are the audience? Accurate demographics of TikTok users are hard to come by. However, there is a widespread belief that this is an application for children, which is often rais as an argument discriting TikTok as a noteworthy advertising space. Is it really so? As the previously mention GetHero and SWPS studies show, the average age of a TikTok user in Poland is increasing.

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It is true that the majority of TikTok users are still teenagers and young people, but is it really a disadvantage? It is worth noting that many applications first gain popularity among younger users and then reach slightly older users. Interestingly, advertisers Venezuela Mobile Number List on TikTok cannot target people under the age of – the age ranges in the advertising panel do not include younger groups. It’s also good to keep in mind that there are more women than men on TikTok. TikTok advertising system While TikTok as a platform is available to everyone, access to the advertising system was initially very limit. Currently, an advertising account can be set up by anyone, although still not all options from the range of possibilities will be available to smaller players.

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Only advertisements purchas in the auction model (Auction Ads) have retain their inclusivity, and anyone who sets up an advertising USB Directory account has access to them. These are videos with sound, from to seconds long, display in the fe. To use Reservation Ads and Creative Ads, it is necessary to miate partners, . agencies cooperating with TikTok. It also involves the ne to reserve a much larger budget for such activities – creative ads involving a team of TikTok employees are not cheap.

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