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Each brand represented by us has the opportunity to contact the buyer directly, offering him his products. We are a platform where the brand and the end customer meet. When everyone is happy, our business metrics go up,” Ayana Babasanova, Head of Brand Solutions Commercial Department at SberMarket. How a brand can get 422% ROMI through native promotion on a retail platform: Danone and SberMarket case “Thanks to the recommendations of our products, which accompany buyers on the key pages of the online store, we were able to expand the sales funnel. We got the opportunity to show our products to new customers, increase brand awareness and gradually “accustom” the audience to our products.

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Personalization of offers allows you to more accurately build a marketing strategy,” Tatyana Zhiltsova, Ecommerce digital marketing manager Danone. How a brand can get 422% ROMI through native promotion on a retail platform: Danone and Peru Mobile Number List SberMarket case “ Retail Rocket Smart Placement solves this problem and also allows brands to find “their” customer by targeting offers. As for the online store, it also remains to gain by increasing turnover and profits. At the same time, we take care of the entire routine associated with the formation of personal real-time recommendations, ”- Alexandra Nekrasova, Retail Rocket project manager.

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IN the end everyone wins When a customer is well versed in the catalog of an online store and quickly finds the right products, thanks to valuable recommendations, he gets a positive customer experience and is ready to return for goods again and again. As a result, all USB Directory participants in the process win: the online platform, the brand , and the client himself . For SberMarket, it is important that each brand can directly interact with the relevant audience on the key pages of the site – starting with the main one, as the starting point of the Customer Journey. So the online platform increases turnover and profits. And for a brand, native placement of recommendations.

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