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So why is it worth betting on unique content? Duplicate content, duplicate content Imagine that you have discover an absolutely fascinating and engrossing book that you cannot tear yourself away from. And when you finally reach its end, encourag by an attractive story, you eagerly reach for the next one. Meanwhile, it turns out that it is practically the same story in which the author made an effort to change the cover only cosmetically. The story repeats itself several times, and you quickly realize that the select author has nothing new to offer the reader. It only duplicates already known content, giving them a different graphic design.

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No wonder that eventually he ceases to be attractive to the recipient, and his works quickly disappear among other, more interesting texts. Admit it: you’ve probably read a book, article, or self-help book more than once and thought, “I’ve read that Henan Mobile Phone Number List before.” None of us want to delve into what we already know. Therefore, the uniqueness of the text, especially on the web, where we can quickly “jump” from page to page, is very important. However, unique content aims not only to interest and attract the reader. Its task is also to increase the visibility of your website in Google searches.

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External content duplication External duplication occurs when you duplicate content from other sites, in other words, when you copy content from select sites. External duplication also occurs when: Someone else is copying your content and sharing it USB Directory on their page. In social mia, you put the same brand description as on the website. In your online store, you place a product description from the manufacturer’s website. You include large snippets of quotes in your articles. In this case, the Google algorithm analyzes the texts itself and chooses who is their author. As you can probably guess, it doesn’t always do it objectively.