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Of all the shipping methods, italians prefer home delivery during. The day – this method is the most attractive for of customers. The other options are much less popular. Delivery to the mailbox is preferr by of buyers. Home delivery in the evening or to work by , collection from a distribution point by , parcel lockers by , and the option to collect purchases in a brick-and-mortar store by only of online shoppers. Reasons for shopping why do italians buy from foreign stores? indicate the lower price of products as the reason, want to be able to shop in more places are looking for a specific brand, cannot find the product in italian stores, trust purchases, payments and delivery from a specific country are driven by curiosity.

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E-commerce e-payments in italy e-payments italians are quite skeptical about using online financial services. . of respondents declare that they use Turkey Mobile Number List online banking websites or applications. Mobile payments are even less popular. Only . of italians use such functionalities. Interestingly, just over of italians have any cryptocurrency in their financial resources. Google analytics . Step implementation of enhanc e-commerce joanna horoszko may , you will read in ~ min. In the previous article, we explain how to perform basic configuration of google analytics  step.

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Now we will discuss step , which is the most time-consuming, but also mandatory for online stores. We will show you how to implement enhanc e-commerce in ga. Is it necessary to implement enhanc e-commerce? The short answer is yes. At USB Directory the start, however, we emphasize that the big change between universal analytics and google analytics is that “Officially” there will no longer be a direct distinction between basic and augment e-commerce. Speaking of it, we mean enriching the standard ga with providing additional data, as in the case of the “Old” extension.