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This is of course the maximum cost per click mentioned above, but not only. The actual cost-per-click (cpc) and ad rank are very important. What is the actual cost per cpc? The actual cost-per-click (cpc) is the final amount you pay for an internet user to click on your ad. It often turns out that it is lower than the maximum cpc specified at the start of the campaign. What it comes from? With google ads, you’ll only pay for the minimum amount required for your ad to reach the ad rank thresholds while also beating the ad rank of a competitor. When there are no competing ads currently running, the price you pay will be based on your ad rank threshold.

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Shop platform shoper is a polish e-commerce. Platform that was created in the saas (software as a service) model and is. A comprehensive software Kenya Mobile Number List that will allow you to manage your store in an easy and pleasant way. Its popularity among e-commerce platforms is due to I.A. With clear and intuitive management panel. A large number of additional modules and built-in functions. Easy to use – you don’t need programming knowledge to change something. Technical support in polish. Simple integration with facebook market or allegro, easy product configuration.

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Which e-commerce to choose. Are you still wondering how to combine an e-commerce platform and. An online store and which industry. Has the greatest potential to appear online. The report “E-commerce in poland ” prepared by senuto indicates the USB Directory top thematic categories. Of which stores are most visible. On the internet technology and computers. Home appliances, interior decoration, gardening. Automotive, clothes, beauty, herbs, supplements, vitamins, books and literature, pets. When deciding on e-commerce and choosing a specific. Sales platform, make sure that it will cope with the industry in which you intend to sell.

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