Contains a personalized selection of products

left the product in the cart, but did not complete the checkout, he will be sent an email campaign according to the “Abandoned Cart” scenario. It contains welcome text and items left in the cart, as well as personalized recommendations tailored to the interests of the recipient. So the client has the opportunity to return and continue placing the order directly from the letter. It is convenient and saves time for the buyer. If the letter did not produce the desired effect and did not return the buyer to complete the conversion action, he can be sent a follow-up. These letters significantly increase the chances of motivating the recipient to complete the order.

Based on the buyer’s preference show

Since each of us receives a lot of emails every day, the first message in the “Abandoned Cart” scenario can simply “get lost”, and the follow-up will once again attract the attention of the client. However, you need to be more careful when sending such emails: our smart system knows Poland Mobile Number List how long it takes to send a message after a visitor has left the site, and what a “quiet period” should USB Directory be between emails so as not to annoy the recipient and not cause a negative reaction. In the case of LG, the trigger chain includes two follow-ups at once, as an amplification to the main mailing according to the  Abandoned Cart scenario.

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Additional revenue through recommendations

How to generate 10% additional revenue through recommendations on the site and 13% through trigger mailings: LG case Turning “sleeping” subscribers into active ones USB Directory In order to return interest in the mailing list to “sleeping” subscribers, our marketers have developed a reactivation script that is received by customers who have not opened mailing lists from the store for a long time. The script has two main goals: to return subscribers who are in the loss zone to.