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Head of Business Solutions Department at SimbirSoft. Anna Shvedova SimbirSoft There is no need to wait for everything to ever return to its previous level. Now we need to act do everything necessary to maintain the ability to manage business and processes regardless of external decisions. You can continue to work on foreign software for some time if the data is not stored in the cloud but localized within the company on its own servers. But in parallel you need to look for alternative options. Denis Seleznev general director of the First Form company speaks about two stereotypes at once. The first stereotype is: I have trophy software deployed on my servers but nothing threatens me.

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Everything continues to work and I also save on license fees. In fact this is a time bomb that will explode after the first system update. Vendor developers release patches that find vulnerabilities inside the software. Other components of the information system are also Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List regularly updated such as the browser. In the new version of Chrome what you had full access to yesterday may not work for you. It will not work to build work on pirated software interruptions will still begin it’s only a matter of time he notes. Another erroneous opinion according to the expert is the overreliance on free software. — The second stereotype: OpenSource technologies are a panacea for risks.

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Perhaps today you are successfully using open source components but what if tomorrow the developers turn them off for Russia? Based on the geolocation or IP address of the server they will determine where you are and stop working. With this approach it is impossible to guarantee the security of the IT infrastructure the expert says. Alexander Dvoryansky director USB Directory of special projects at Angara Security refutes the popular belief that domestic solutions are significantly inferior to foreign counterparts. Practice show.

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