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During the May holidays which many Russians spend outside the city in preparation for the summer season experts explained. In addition due to closed borders more people have begun to consider spending holidays in their own home. Gas and only The Russians began to receive calls from scammers who offer to conclude an agreement for the gasification of a summer cottage Vladimir Ulyanov head of the Zecurion analytical center a company specializing in cybersecurity told Izvestia. The company has information about such calls. Attackers promise to carry out communications quickly inexpensively and without bureaucratic difficulties the expert said.

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Under this pretext citizens are lured into advance payment as well as personal data for allegedly filling out an application. However then the person stops communicating. In addition Macedonia Mobile Number List over the past two months at least domains with the word gas have been registered on the Web which can later be used to advertise fake gasification services and swindle money online Vladimir Ulyanov said. According to his estimates when using the fake gasification fraud scheme the average amount of losses is several tens of thousands of rubles.

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The demand for summer cottages grew even during the pandemic and now when most of the borders are closed the demand for suburban real estate continues to increase Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security knows. According to him USB Directory this is what scammers use creating illegitimate resources on which the user can order the connection of a country house to gas supply at very low prices and in a short time despite the season. The appearance on the Internet of fraudulent schemes related to the gasification of suburban areas is of a pronounced seasonal nature and is due to a change in the priorities of the population of the Russian Federation when planning vacations in the springsummer period of Alexey Pleshkov.

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