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In this way, the web browser tri to obtain information from. The server about the content locat at a given URL address . The server, seeing that there is no filedocument nam “positioning and optimization jc a” in its resources. Returns information to the web browser that the given subpage does not exist – the so-call error . There are many possibilities through which the error can occur, but in this article we will focus on those that, from our experience, are responsible for most cases in which the page is not found. SEO Copywriting from specialists Check out our >> OFFER << Removal of a product, article or any subpage.

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We can most often come across errors in online stores, which are characteriz by a large number of subpages (. categories and products). Due to the specificity of e-commerce, we often deal with products that “disappear” from the store’s offer. There Costa Rica Mobile Number List can. Be many reasons for this, but the most common are: the product has sold out the product has been withdrawn from the store’smanufacturer’s offer In such cases, the store administrator often disables the display of the product in the store or removes the product, which means that the product no longer exists at the current URL for users and search engines – this is how a page with a error is creat.

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A similar situation may apply to offer pages or categories in online stores, which are also disabl remov due to the withdrawal of a given group of products. Entering an incorrect URL As mention earlier, the so-call typos in URLs can cause errors on our site. Let’s imagine a situation where users of an online forum share opinions about a given online USB Directory store with each other – all it takes is that one of the users accidentally made a typo in the URL address that he wants to post in his comment. In this way, subsequent users of the forum and search engine robots (. Google Bot) “clicking” on this link with a typo end up on the store’s website with a error.

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