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On the Russian market, Danone products are produced under such trademarks as Danone, Activia, Actimel, Prostokvashino, Bio Balance, Aktual, Rastishka, Tyoma, Danissimo, etc. Tasks Danone With the growing popularity of marketplaces and delivery services in e-commerce, the main task of the Danone brand has become the active promotion of products on these sites, which will not only increase sales, but also increase brand loyalty. About SberMarket SberMarket is an online service for delivering groceries and essential goods from stores.

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Delivery to more than 150 cities of Russia Service couriers deliver more than 1 million orders monthly More than 10,000 companies choose the delivery of products and goods for the office SberMarket cooperates with over 60 retailers, including Metro, Auchan, Magnit, Lenta and others. Tasks of SberMarket Provide manufacturers with access to an audience interested in Cambodia Mobile Number List  buying their products. This will help not only increase brand sales, but also increase loyalty to it, and at the same time customer loyalty to the marketplace, on the pages of which they will find useful relevant recommendations – offers of goods that suit their interests and preferences. Solution Retail Rocket Smart Placement is a native promotion of goods on the virtual shelves of online stores.

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The tool works by analogy with personal recommendations: algorithms take into account the interests of users and offer them suitable products from the brand’s assortment. Precise targeting allows you to show the right products to a brand-relevant audience, and not USB Directory to all users of the site. For a retailer, this solution helps ensure the growth of key business indicators: turnover, number of orders, revenue. Brands – allows you to expand the sales funnel, recruit new customers, increase brand awareness and increase LTV. Result Danone received 422% of ROMI thanks to the sponsorship placement of Retail Rocket on SberMarket case To develop the Prostokvashino.

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