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Previously, the online store us the Magento engine. E-commerce platform migration and Google Ads campaigns Google Ads campaigns are the fuel that drives sales for the vast majority of online stores. Therefore, already at the stage of migration to the new platform – in order not to lose revenue unnecessarily – it is worth planning activities thanks to which paid ads in the search engine will not lose their effectiveness. Below, on the eample of onelectro, we describe what to do when moving to a new platform Verification of the correct implementation of tracking codes.

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In the first stage, we verifi whether the tracking codes Google Analytics, Google Ads, remarketing and conversion were correctly implement. Why was it so important to us? Without correctly implement Google Analytics tracking, we have no Algeria Mobile Number List information about the behavior of users on the wsite. An incorrectly upload remarketing code translates into lowering the results of Display campaigns, which are target to people depending on their interaction with the wsite. An incorrectly implement conversion code will show us false data about user actions taken in the e- shop. In the case of the Atomstore platform, all we had to do was enter the ID numbers of Google Analytics and Google.

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Ads in the appropriate fields Verification of the correct implementation of tracking codes Google Merchant Center verification We then check whether the Google Merchant Center for the migrat platform was book. Lack of verification could translate into disapproval of Shopping ads. Google Merchant Center site verification As you can see USB Directory in the screenshot, there are several verification options. You can copy and paste the HTML tag in the head of the page or upload the HTML file to your site. We can also choose to verify using Google Tag Manager or using Google Analytics.