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Relapse Conclusion Today we will talk about how to effectively influence the user at each stage of the purchase decision process so that each order is brought to its logical conclusion and the buyer comes back to you again and again for the next acquisitions. Transtheoretical Behavior Change Model Online Shopping or Addiction American researchers James Prochaska and Carlo Di Clemente developed this model on the example of the behavior of smokers who were trying to quit smoking. But the stages of quitting an addiction are strikingly similar to the typical shopper’s buying process and the classic sales funnel.

The essence of the model is that people

Need time to change their behavior. And if this or that way of action has already become habitual for a certain situation then it will be repeated for a long time. In relation to ecommerce this means that if the buyer is used to shopping in a particular online store then he will Job Function Email List most likely continue to order goods in the same place out of habit even if competitors’ offers turn out to be more profitable. Let’s try to compare two processes a smoker quitting smoking and a customer making a purchase. No. Stage Smoker Behavior Buyer Behavior Prethinking need formation The smoker does not think about the dangers of smoking and giving up his negative habit The buyer does not think about the purchase and does not realize the need for this or that acquisition Thinking preparation The smoker decides to change in the foreseeable future and evaluates his options.

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The buyer has a general intention

To purchase a product he analyzes brands models and price categories Preparation readiness The smoker has a specific action plan to quit smoking The buyer decided on the specific model of the desired product and chose the appropriate online store Action step Smoker quits smoking The buyer makes a purchase Maintenance preservation The smoker adopts a new USB Directory lifestyle with a complete cessation of cigarettes The user develops loyalty to the online store there is a desire to return for purchases Breakdown relapse The smoker starts smoking again The customer stops shopping and leaves the retailer The main task of a marketer is to keep the client at the maintenance stage as long as possible work on increasing the consumer loyalty index NPS Net Promoter.