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If in this case the CMS does not automatically create a rirect from the old URL to the new URL (which unfortunately happens), then if anyone uses the old product URL, they will receive a error page instead of the product page. How does the error affect SEO and the user? Many website owners do not realize how many of their pages are display to users and search engine robots every day. We will write about how to check which and how many of our subpages display the error later in the article, for now let’s focus on the impact of pages with the code on SEO and users and how to deal with these pages.

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Customer impact and bounce rate Often, users who come to our website with the code come from Google search or from clicking on the wrong link (. due to a typo). In such cases, we can assume that the user is already aware of what he expects – coming, for Cyprus Mobile Number List example, from the Google search engine, he must have previously enter some query, after which our website was display to him. In such a situation, when our potential client sees a page with a error instead of the expect content, he will probably leave the page within a few seconds and use another one in the list of Google search results.

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The effect of this may be a high bounce rate of our website and loss of trust in our website. Impact of errors on SEO In the case of single errors, our entire website should not significantly lose its visibility in the Google search engine – only the loss USB Directory of organic traffic position in such cases will concern those subpages that ceas to exist on our website overnight. This is due to the fact that the Google search engine is primarily interest in ensuring that pages occupying high positions meet the intentions of Internet users.