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They are also important when creating a website address that is friendly to users, but also to Google bots. So make sure that the address includes a keyword relat to the topic of the site. The URL can also just contain the brand name. Rundant items A readable URL is one that does not contain rundant words, capital letters, illegible and complicat characters. Remember that in addition to Google bots, the link is read and shar primarily by the user. So if the address of the website is too complicat or the website addresses contain characters that the Internet user cannot find on the keyboard.

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It will discourage him from visiting your website and passing it on. short address The shorter the URL, the more likely the internet user will remember Netherlands Phone Numbers List its name. In addition, short links are more likely to be shar on social mia. On the other hand, Google bots on pages with short URLs find and index subpages that appear there more easily. Encrypt connection The “s” protocol is a guarantee of an encrypt connection. This means that the data transmitt within the site is protect against modification and interception.

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Currently, users pay a lot of attention to whether the website ensures the security of data that Internet users share there. Therefore, they usually bypass sites without the mention protocol. An encrypt connection also increases the website’s USB Directory visibility in the activities of Google bots. Therefore, the “s” protocol affects the better visibility of your website in the Google search engine. Before creating a URL, think carefully about its structure. Remember to keep it short, clear and readable. In this way, you will be sure that it is friendly not only to Internet users, but also to Google bots.

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