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Traditional payment methods when implementing modern systems, it is worth remembering about customer attachment to older, but still functional solutions. Card payment. Many users do not trust this option, being wary of entering personal information and card details in the browser. In addition, the ne to write down the data is not as convenient as previously complet forms. Despite this, many customers are still attach to this form of payment, constituting a significant percentage of e-commerce users – in the comparison. Traditional transfer.

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The name of this form of payment perfectly reflects the preferences of those who use it. As in the case of cards, the sentiment and habit of users play a large role here. Filling in subsequent fields and the possibility of making a mistake is not the Canada Mobile Number List fastest and most convenient way to finalize the transaction. However, you must remember that despite the fact that customers are moving away from this form of payment, it is still relatively popular. It is still one of the most frequently chosen forms of payment by of customers. Cash on delivery. An option for those who want to pay when the package arrives at their door. This method is distinguish from all others by the possibility of paying in cash on delivery.

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In addition – the customer can resign from the purchase by simply not accepting the package. The advantage is also the spe of shipping, which, for example, in the case of a traditional transfer – is carri out after the payment is crit. Do you want USB Directory to know more about the e-commerce market in poland? Check out our infographic! What are the differences between online payment systems? With the development of e-commerce, from time to time we get information about the emergence of new online payment systems. Comparing the individual functions makes the choice much easier.

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