Achieve accurate results based on many parameters.

Reporting months in the retention matrix Aligned the frames of the test segments in height Fixed the panel with the button “Download CSV” Updated the subscribers export page When uploading, all subscriber data is not always needed. Therefore, we have improved the export functionality. You can now select which subscriber data fields to upload. In addition to the fact that this approach allows you to receive a file with only the data you need at the moment, it also speeds up the generation and download of the file. Export subscribers Added the ability to customize the display of subscriber fields in the personal account Another important change for these subscribers.

Updated the ability to configure the Recency filter

This time regarding their display in your account. Many retailers have accumulated a large number of additional subscriber data fields over the years of using the platform (more than 300 in some cases). It is inconvenient to work with such a volume of data, especially considering that Singapore Mobile Number List most of them were used extremely rarely – to build specific segments. Now it is possible to choose which fields should be shown and which ones should be hidden in the interface: on the export page and in the segmenter. Hidden fields are not removed from the system, the settings can be changed at any time.

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Working with filters allows you to fine-tune campaigns

Subscriber data fields Changed the display of customer transitions between segments in the Customer Intelligence module In order to analyze in detail the success of one or another step of the strategy, it is necessary to monitor the behavior and actions USB Directory of customers. And now, on the retention matrix in Customer Intelligence, the number of customers who moved from one segment to another is displayed not as a percentage, but as absolute units, which greatly simplifies the analysis and makes it more accurate. Retail Rocket platform updates for November-December 2020 Improved RFM segmentation.

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