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Speaks about the need to take a key strategic measure to implement the fastest transition to domestic IT solutions. This needs to be realized not only by the heads of IT and information security departments but also by top managers of companies as well as their owners and shareholders. And this applies to all companies including private ones. Because if foreign information security software is used in the internal systems of an organization there is a risk of its failure. For example due to the inability to purchase a license renewal. If imported solutions are used outside for example a system for protecting software from illegal copying which is built into the software being sold.

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Then you need to be prepared both for the refusal of Russian customers to purchase such software and for the forced stoppage of sales due to the refusal of a foreign manufacturer to supply protection components. There are already precedents for both. In the future we can expect the introduction of a requirement for all products included in the Register of domestic software not Iceland Mobile Number List to use information security components from unfriendly countries he explains. Timofey Matrenitsky Active It is necessary to pay attention to the competencies that a foreign IT vendor had before it left the Russian Federation.

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Not infrequently these are local service companies that provide services for a whole range of imported products. Alexander Dvoryansky Angara Security advises learning from the mistakes of others. The main rule will be separate control and evaluation of international USB Directory transactions he says. In addition to the classic risk analysis businesses need to periodically assess their international activities for potential opportunities to fall under sanctions comparing their business processes with those who fell under sanctions in the shop. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is interested in filling the EBS with children’s biometrics Participants in the Russian financial market apparently managed.