Opt in Email Leads – 6 Tips to Make Money

Rate revenue, share in revenue, number of customers) over the past year, which means you can effectively rebuild your retention strategy based on customer data. Retail Rocket platform updates for the first half of 2021 Expanding segmentation: by purchase category and product ID In your personal account, you can now segment the audience by orders, i.e. based on the history of purchases – the purchase of a certain product, purchases from a specific category, purchases of goods of a certain brand. The new feature has many possibilities, and here are some examples: you can select customer segments to offer related products for a previous purchase – for example, last year a client bought a pool, and now he will be offered chemistry, filters, etc.

Opt in Leads – 3 Reasons You Should Not Buy

You can also select those who bought an iPhone a year ago and offer them a new model; make a newsletter “for the brand” – select those customers who have previously bought goods of a certain brand; and other segmentation options for the most relevant offers. Retail Rocket Belgium Mobile Number List platform updates for the first half of 2021 Interface: working with additional subscriber fields and optimizing database download To make working with subscriber fields convenient and not time-consuming, we have implemented the ability to hide filtered fields on the contacts upload page.

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Generating Leads Through Email

IN other words – if the fields were hidden by the partner in the interface, then they will be hidden for selection. Only the “required” fields will be available in the CustomData drop-down list (subscriber data). Retail Rocket platform updates for the first half of 2021 Retail USB Directory Rocket platform updates for the first half of 2021 The update also affected the download of the subscriber base : all partner fields are displayed on the page, but 100 are available for selection when downloading. At the same time, hidden subscriber fields will not be exported.

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