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Personaliz messages in the chat. Communicator with reminders of the products you have view. Email marketing – regular communication about new products. Offers, promotions, with an emphasis on historically view products and categories will remind the user about the store. Dynamic remarketing – User joining display campaigns conduct. In conjunction with the Google advertising network. Presenting product ads in advertising frames on other pages view by the user. Stage – The customer in the purchase process The goal at this stage: to better match the offer and increase customer satisfaction while increasing the basket value.

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What to use. Recommendation frames on product pages and in the first steps of the transaction “in the basket”. We are talking about hints showing similar. Complementary products or purchas by other users of the store together with the article that Uganda Mobile Number List is currently. In the customer’s basket. At this stage, it is also advisable to use transaction data collectors. Transfer data from transaction forms to the database and build a profile for segmentation. Abandon Cart Automations . In a situation where the customer has not complet the purchases and there are products in his basket. Marketing Automation can help persuade the user to complete the transaction.

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Of The Office Of Competition And Consumer

One way is to send e-mails with products add to the basket, optionally with a list of complementary products, sold together. It is worth offering the customer the opportunity to use an additional discount as an instrument encouraging them to complete the purchase. In these activities, it is important to optimize the response time (the time USB Directory from abandoning the cart to sending the message. Setting the time too long may result in the customer losing interest because the purchase has already been made from a competitor. Dynamic Remarketing – using product fe in display ads. Automation of chat messages with reminders about unfinish purchases.

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