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In just a few years, Tik Tok has seen a huge surge in popularity. It is currently the most download mobile application (not a game). In the second quarter of , the number of users has already exce billion. Polish research conduct by the GetHero agency and the SWPS University show that as many as % of the survey users enter TikTok at least once a day, and % spend more than hours there. What is TikTok? It is safe to say that TikTok is a platform that everyone knows from … other platforms. TikTok content often appears on social mia along with the app’s logo.

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TikTok wants users to be able to share content with ease – videos can be shar across multiple channels and even download. To a large extent, it is these functionalities that made Tik Tok so quickly recognizable. What is the uniqueness of Tik USA Cell Phone Number List Tok? To better understand the Tik Tok phenomenon, it is worth looking at its characteristics. What attracts attention is the appearance and operation of the application. Tik Tok is: mobile first – although you can open TikTok in a desktop browser, but above all it is a mobile application and all functionalities are design so that they can be us comfortably on smartphones or tablets.

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Sound on  sound on Ti kTok is always on by default, full screen – the video content fills the entire screen, and a short description of the video USB Directory and icons are plac on it, vertical – videos on Tik Tok are vertical, they cannot be rotat, the best video dimensions are × . In addition to the aforemention aspects, Tik Tok also points to other features that are to distinguish it from other applications. These are: authenticity, creativity, openness, inclusiveness. TikTok’s main mission is to “inspire creativity and bring joy.” It is made for everyone.