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Sanctions the usual set of Western vendors and platforms is not available. The cloud resources that exist in the country are finite as are the reserves of the infrastructure of the enterprises themselves that is there is nothing to expand on. “IT is a service industry and quickly adapts to customer needs. Now many current tasks have been postponed and replaced by risk leveling work. Vitaly Balanda (Reksoft) “If the situation with basic software in our country is acceptable (there are high-quality operating systems office products Internet browsers etc.) then with specialized software the situation is more complicated. In particular at least  of high-tech enterprises in Russia are dependent on foreign engineering IT systems.

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As a result the imposed sanctions have complicated the processes of designing and mathematical justification of current and new projects implemented at enterprises of all industries as Dmitry Fomichev Director of Mathematical Modeling at Rosatom State Corporation Spain Phone Numbers List Migration to Russian solutions especially where foreign vendors have historically dominated the market cannot be done instantly. Therefore I predict that the transition to Russian solutions during –3 will take place in the synergy of expertise on foreign solutions and Russian products. Dmitry Fomichev (Rosatom) “Considering the whole variety of domestic software solutions many.

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OF which already have a long history of success one involuntarily asks a logical question: why did external incentives such as sanctions and the departure of foreign vendors be required for a massive transition to Russian software? A possible answer is related USB Directory to the fact that historically in the Russian Federation there has been a practice of importing most high-tech solutions starting with hardware components (PCs servers network devices peripherals) and ending with operating systems and office suites. Western vendors having seen the widest hungry market in Russia at the end of the last century rushed here with their huge marketing budgets often.