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To protect against leaks from a technical point of viewof courseit is necessary to use special solutionssays Alexey Kubarev. But it’s not enough just to install a DLP system: you need to properly configure and operate it. The organization must implement a regime of trade secrets. It is necessary to categorize information and determine what is a trade secretto work out access mechanisms. A limited number of people can access confidential dataand the DLP system will control the movement of this data. It should not only monitorbut also block attempts to transfer such data outside through communication channels.

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Andof courseit is necessary to implement the Security Awareness process in the companyi. educate users on IS rules. To protect against leaksa set Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List of measures is needed both organizationaltechnicaland socialincluding explanatory work among the staffsays Anna AndreevaCEO of IS Lab. – There is no panacea. Security in generaland leak protection in particularareabove all ongoing processes. As the experience of large foreign companies showsthese processes should be inextricably linked with the necessary technical means of control and prevention of leaks. It also requires strict implementation of the recommendations of those responsible for security.

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Technical means to protect against leaks of confidential information of course solve many problems but according to statisticsmore than of all information leaks in companies occur through the USB Directory fault of the users themselvesand not always maliciouslysays Alexander Dvoryansky. — It is not enough just to implement a DLP solution. It is necessary to systematically work with usersincreasing their level of awarenessknowledge of the basic principles of information security. Now most companies use Security Awareness – increasing the level of information security awareness for ordinary employees. This is a set of measuresstarting with an assessment of user awarenessand further systematic work to improve the so-called information hygiene when working with information important to the company. Activities include imitation of phishing emailsThe main task is to develop.

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