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That make a great contribution to the economy and provide a large number of jobs. This includes industries such as retailindustrythe oil and gas sectorenergytransportmedicine; Andof course companies that are subjects of critical information infrastructure fall under the Decree. And it does not matter whether the objects are recognized as significant or not. It should be noted that according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from the subjects of critical information infrastructure CII are already prohibited from using foreign software and equipment when designing their information system sand the existing foreign software must be completely replaced with domestic counterparts by.

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IN the very near future clarifications and by-laws regulating and detailing the implementation of the requirements of the Decree should be expected from the government. On Italy Phone Numbers List June Decree No. of the Government of the Russian Federation was already issued with a list of organizations that must fulfill the requirements in the first placeand the next step is to expand this list. How to proceed with the implementation of the Decree Where to begin Large companies have long had dedicated departments responsible for cybersecurity and industry compliance. As a rule they already have a serious layered defense and can preventively detect upcoming cyber attacks at an early stage.

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But what about companies that do not have a division or employee responsible for cybersecurity in their structure Fortunately such companies that are subject to the Decree are not prohibited from fulfilling the requirements with the involvement of subcontractors / performers. Of course the USB Directory  competencies of the performers are subject to serious requests for the availability of licenses and experience but nevertheless such companies exist in the market in the required number which greatly facilitates the fulfillment of all the requirements of the Decree. Of course companies that do not have a separate information security.