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Potential replacement for the head of an information security company must: have a specialized higher education specialistmagistracy or higheror undergo professional retraining; understand how information technology affects the activities of his organization; understand the principles of building information systemsincluding restricted access systems; ensure a high level of security for your organization’s networks; be aware of the main security threatsthe signs of their appearancethe likely ways of their implementation by attackersthe consequences of their implementation.

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The deputy head of the organization for information security will bear full responsibility for the violation of dutiesactions or inaction that led to the occurrence of unacceptable security incidentsfor the disclosure of state secrets. Given the requirements of the Decree of the President of the Sweden Phone Numbers List Republic of Armenia dated May N on the formation of a separate division for information and cybersecurity in companiesthis is a very logical decisionsince all market participants were waiting for clarifications from the government regarding the implementation of the requirements of the decree. It is worth noting that we are not talking about yesterday’s graduates of specialized universitiessince the requirements include technical experience.

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IT is most logical to look for experienced top managers in the market or to finish their education on their own. Traditionallythere are most of these specialists in the financial sectorbut in other sectors of the economythere are no serious problems with qualified top managers with USB Directory practical experience in countering cyber attackscommented Alexander Dvoryanskydirector of special projects at Angara Security. In my opinionthe requirements are very abstract and do not carry specifics. Everything that is written in the key must understand raises the question of this understandingand it is also not clear who will evaluate candidates when applying for a job. As for specialized educationthis is certainly a necessary requirementbut in addition to thisthe experience of this leader is also importantsince.

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