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The Ministry of Digital Transformation stressed that the use of lightweight biometrics will be allowed only for a limited range of operations. Among them: – conducting attestation for higher education programs; — purchases in the amount of up to thousand rubles; — additional verification of clients by banks; — authentication of the client in the credit institution where he was previously served; – travel in the subway; – the implementation of the passage to the territory of individual organizations; – issuance of a personalized card for attending sports competitions. The advantage of light biometrics is the ability to receive individual remote services without leaving home the Ministry of Digital Development said.

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The department added that the innovation increases the availability of services including financial onesfor examplefor people with limited mobility the disabled as well as for citizens Malaysia Phone Number List living in remote areas. — An important feature of the Unified Biometric System is a high level of accuracy in identification. The system performs simultaneous analysis of voice and face samples using Livens technology. This approach makes it possible to detect fake biometric data in a digital channel and completely exclude unauthorized access to user biometrics. In order to ensure the security of the self-registration process secure mobile application provided by the EBS operator will be used.

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The Central Bank told Izvestiagot that they had participated in the development of regulations governing the use of “lightweight” biometrics. With its helpcitizens will have access to another channel for registering their data in the EBSwhich will allow them to receive both USB Directory financial and non-financial services remotelythe regulator believes. Is there a risk Rostelecom explained to Izvestia that for self-registration it will be necessary to install a secure certified mobile application that will create an encrypted communication channel for the secure transfer of biometric data available on the App StoreGoogle Play and RuStore. To reduce risksthe collected biometric samples will be compared with the information contained in the biometric.

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