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Well, S comes from the English Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. In Polish translation, it simply means a secure text transfer protocol. [box]ssempai[box] S – what is it? The S protocol can be found especially in the addresses of websites of banks, exchange offices, online stores and social networking sites, wherever we need maximum protection of our data. S encrypts sensitive information sent between the server and the client. It does not allow them to be intercepted, read or modified.

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Everything is encrypted via an SSL certificate or an extended version of TLS. What does this mean in practice? By entering confidential data – such as login, password, payment card number, address of residence, ID card series and number or telephone Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List number – the user is guaranteed that they will not go anywhere or fall into the wrong hands. SEO audit prepared by specialists Check out our >> OFFER << In addition, pages using S have a padlock symbol in front of their address. When we click on it, and then on “The connection is secure”, then we will learn more about the aforementioned encryption. s sempai s sempai details vs S – what’s the difference.

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We already know what the S abbreviation means, but the abbreviation may also appear before the website address. Contrary to appearances, adding that one letter s at the end makes a huge difference. So what is the difference between S and ? First of all, we must emphasize that these are two completely different protocols. The protocol uses port by default, while the default port for S is . Additionally, does USB Directory not encrypt the transmitted information in any way. Therefore, if we decide to provide anything on a page starting with , then we must be aware that the transmitted data is not protected in any way and third parties may have full access to it.

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