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The main reason for introducing pagination is to prevent technical issues such as page slowdowns . Any inconvenience has a big impact on user experience and thus conversion. Each additional second spent on loading subsequent elements of the website leads to customers escaping and abandoning shopping carts. The technically correct functioning of the website affects the positive experience of its recipients and ultimately leads to conversions. What’s more, it is also of great importance for Google’s robots, which better understand the content of your site and, as a result, allow it to rank better in search results.

How To Increase Sales In A B2b Online Store

If you want to improve the functioning of your website and increase customer satisfaction, think about implementing well-thought-out pagination. I hope the above tips will prove useful to you. Relat articles Google Analytics . Step Collect and implement Denmark Cell Phone Number List additional tracking data Joanna Horoszko August , You will read in ~ min. In the previous article, we explain how to carry out the most difficult, time-consuming, but also the most important part of the implementation in Google Analytics (Step ) for stores Today we will discuss step , which is transferring events from UA to GA. We will also talk about how to set goalsconversions in GA.

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Get To Know Your Customers To Increase Sales

Is it possible to collect events for lead campaigns in GA? Well, sure it can! Nay! You will be able to set these events as conversions in a much easier way than you know with Universal Analytics. What are conversions? Well, the same as the goals in GA ( in Universal). Google has apparently decid to unify the naming between GA and Google Ads. In the Google Ads account, we have always had the term “conversions” and in the Universal Analytics account we had “goals”. For people who took their first steps in USB Directory Google tools, it could cause consternation, or are you sure conversions in the Google Ads account are the same as goals in the Analytics account.

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