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Blog – it just pays off! Starting and running a blog pays off from the point of view of an entrepreneur and an individual. Are you looking for an idea for an effective portfolio or just want to appear on the Internet, and social mia is not exactly what you feel good at? A blogger is a role in which many creative creators will find themselves! So don’t hesitate a moment, put on a blog, join the group of bloggers and boldly develop your business, personal brand or create an original portfolio by posting videos or photos. Gain readers and increase your visibility on Google – something that always pays off for professional purposes.

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Are you doing it right? rules of UX writing Ewa Rucha-Wisniewolska February , You will read in ~ min. rules of ux writing Correct and clear language Latvia Mobile Number List is definitely not enough to attract the recipient in the st century, let alone keep him and encourage him to read. So how do you make them want to read your text? How to design it? What rules to follow? And what is UX writing anyway? We write about all this below! Check! What is UX writing? Before we move on to the principles of UX writing, we must first explain what this term means.

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UX writing was creat from the combination of two terms – UX and writing. While translating the second one is not a big problem, because it simply means writing, the first one is not so easy. UX ( User Experience ) is in other words the user’s experience, the entirety of the impressions he feels when visiting a given website or using a USB Directory product, service or tool. Following this lead, UX writing means creating user-friendly content, encouraging them to read and, above all, comfortable . The whole thing is given in a visually attractive form, and the necessary information is easy to find.