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Types of blogs Depending on the type of content post on the blog, it can be divid into several categories: text blog – us to publish text, videoblog – here you publish mainly videos with commentary, photoblog – us to publish photos. An Internet blog differs from other websites – it is a communication mium that allows you to create a community around you, thanks to the ability to comment on entries. This is their undoubt advantage, because even if you have a clear and transparent website, users usually do not have a chance to express their own opinion on it or refer to the issues you mention.

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Advantages of a company blog A company blog is not only an option eagerly us by content marketing . Blogging goes hand in hand with SEO — the better and more interesting your SEO-optimiz content is, the more likely your site will rank better in Kenya Mobile Number List Google Search. In addition, a text blog allows you to place key phrases from the long tail, which may differ slightly from the main phrases contain on your website. Individual entries will attract new users to you, entering individual queries into the search engine, the answers to which will be found on the blog. blog on the website of the tea shop.

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A blog on a tea shop website can be a source of advice and inspiration – source: krainaherbaty In addition, the articles will help you: get incoming links, improve the conversion rate (an active blog tells the user that your business is doing well), increase website traffic, promote the offer productsservices, build a professional image, stand out from USB Directory the competition, provide an unambiguous answer to frequently ask questions by customers. Is it worth starting a personal blog? In the era of social mia, it is reasonable to ask whether a personal blog is the right communication mium.