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Them but we also monitor the correct integration with the client’s website. personalization services for online stores Full study link Online market for medical products Retail Rocket has become a leader among personalization services for online stores Full study link Online electronics marketplace B&E and department stores How Personal Recommendations in Bulk Emails Helped Increase Conversion by . ELC Russia Case Study May intro Today users receive dozens of emails every day. In order for the subscriber not only to open the letter but also follow the link in it the content in the mailing list must correspond to his current interests.

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A user is more likely to make a purchase in an online store if he sees exactly the goods that he needs at the moment in his email newsletter. In this case the buyer also significantly UK Mobile Number List  saves time searching for goods in a wide range of online stores since the most suitable items for him are already collected in one selection. We have already told you about the personalization of the website of the online store of educational toys ELC Russia. Today we will talk about increasing revenue by personalizing the brand’s bulk email campaigns. ELC is a brand of educational products and toys for children.

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The brand has existed for over years and its name stands for Early Development Center . In order to create high-quality products that best meet the USB Directory needs of children of different ages the company cooperates with designers and certified child psychologists and also takes into account the opinion of the immediate target audience. Case study of the effectiveness of personal recommendations in mass mailings A wide range of goods in the online store makes it as convenient and versatile as possible for the buyer because all purchases can be made in one place. But the more products presented on the site the more difficult.

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