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The third and last element is a hyperlink, ie internal linking within the pillar page in such a way that there are values ​​for a select phrase, a group of keywords collect within the site. Taking into account the information collect above, we can conclude that a thematic cluster that is properly creat, properly design and internally link between individual sections and topics, will translate into much better traffic and longer time spent by users on the website.

Content Becomes More Targeted

This may result in a greater conversion in the form of a transition from content marketing to an online store where the user can make a purchase, and in the case of company websites, subscribe to an e-mail database or fill out a contact form. So how Colombia Mobile Number List do you organize your content with a pillar page? The content within the Pillar Page should primarily be: Clear and easy to navigate on the site (here it is also worth paying attention to the breadcrumbs ). This means that the entry you create should be readable by the user. It should be ensur that it can easily switch between articles within the main cluster content topic. Tailor to the nes of our group of recipients.

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Ideally, it will be substantive content encouraging the user to read our website and convert in the form of purchasing the products we offer or leaving a contact to use our services. Appropriately optimiz in terms of the user and Google robots , taking into account internal linking between individual sections within the pillar page as well as key phrases and USB Directory issues that we want to convey to the recipients. To sum up – the preparation of content for websites within the pillar page, as well as its creation itself, should be carri out in a way that ensures a very good and effective method of acquiring new recipients on the website.

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