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Recycling pitfalls – what to watch out for? Similarly to the segregation of waste, the recycling of content also raises some doubts. First of all, be careful not to harm the site with your actions. Remember that Google appreciates “unique” content. Duplication is not tolerat. As you create new content, publish it on different pages and use it in different channels, make sure it’s unique. They should not contain the same wording or even whole copi sentences. Also, pay attention to the tone and style of your speech. Each content format is govern by different laws.

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You will use a different language in Instagram stories than in an expert article or LinkIn post. Your website is not a dumpster. Analyze the content you have on the page, reuse it, correct expir data and change the format and purpose. Follow China Mobile Number List the R principle as in the case of waste management. Respect your work and the resources you put into creating content and refresh it instead of constantly creating a new one. What are meta tags? Piotr Malyszko November , You will read in ~ min. what are meta tags Meta tags are tags in the page code, whose task is to describe the content of the page and help indexing robots in correctly reading the content and the most important elements of a given subpage.

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Properly optimiz meta tags will support the website positioning process and help users find the right subpage. So let’s check what meta tags are and what aspects we should pay attention to. What are meta tags? Speaking of meta tags, we can distinguish several such elements: meta title , the title of the subpage, which describes the content of the  USB Directorypage to Google robots and users. The meta title in the search results looks like the example below: what is meta title – example meta description , a longer description of what is on a given subpage.