How do you tackle the design process

Snippets These are etend fragments that appear in the results, download directly from the page code to the search engine. Rich results – any type of visually enhanc search result. This is additional information from structur data that is display net to the title, description, and URL. SERP features – these are fragments of content taken from one of the highest position pages. Having SERP features does not always mean winning. However, you can appear in the featur snippet even if you would otherwise be rank nd, rd or even th. Page Performance Not all w surfers have purchasing intentions.

The best of all time

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to ensuring that they spend their time as pleasantly as possible on the site for which they left the search Turkey Mobile Number List results. In order to do so, the following indicators ne to be analys Spe ​​- spe optimization, but not only charging. We are also talking here about the readiness of the wsite to interact with the user. Content – ​​that is, taking care of appropriate, unique, fully optimiz internal content. Layout – the appearance of the wsite, which should not only be visually attractive, but also useful and easy to use.

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Reason increase performance

The norm is that users often change the devices on which they visit wsites – for eample, they search for products on mobile devices and make purchases from a computer. That’s why it’s so important that their eperience is as good as possible on both desktop USB Directory and mobile. spe In the era of Core W Vitals, not only the spe of loading and interaction of the wsite counts, but also its performance and stability. Statistics confirm what every Internet user has eperienc more than once – the longer the page loads, the greater the chance that the Internet user will not want to wait and will leave it, heading to other wsites.