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How can you implement GA with ecommerce yourself using GTM Below we present you the step implementation of GA Step How to set up a new service? Where to find the data stream? How to go through the basic configuration of the service? Answers and tips with screenshots from the GA tool can be found here . Step This step is an absolute musthave for online stores. See how to exclude referrals and payment gateways in GA . How to update data layers to the new guidelines. How to set up “listening” for events and parameters trigger in the data layer.

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How to transfer events and parameters to the GA account using GTM? Find answers to these questions here . Step Is it possible to collect events for lead campaigns in GA ? Is it possible to set the same eventsgoals as in Universal Analytics? How New Zealand Phone Numbers List to set the collection in GA of such events as clicks on telephone numbers, sent forms, subscriptions to the newsletter? Check out the post on our blog. Step How to set User ID in GA ? What other data is worth collecting? What other integrations are worth implementing? Look here. Step How to use readymade reports available in GA.

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How do I create custom reports in the Explore section? What’s new is worth reporting, because . Universal Analytics didn’t offer such possibilities? We are also preparing answers to these questions. What if you can’tdon’t want to USB Directory migrate to GA yourself If for some reason you do not want cannot take care of the migration to GA yourself, you can outsource it to your marketing agency or to us Our team of specialists has already carri out many GA implementations in stores and on websites on various engines. Send an inquiry or call.