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Take advantage of this moment of potential. Customer’s attention and encourage them to continue browsing your website. And you can do it in at least several ways: take care of an interesting and original way. Of presenting the page with the error in the form of a dicat graphic design suggest moving. To the most popular productscategories. In your store suggest using the store’s internal search engine to find. The product you are interest in offer a special discount code for shopping because of the problems

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The customer has encounter ( a page with a error) Take a look at some interesting suggestions for visually presenting a page with a error: Example of a page with a error (wel pl) Example of a page with a error (sfmeble pl) Example of a page with Bahamas Mobile Number List a error (multikino pl) Example of a page with a error (spotifypl) SEO audit prepar by specialists Check out our >> OFFER << How to detect errors? There are many more and less effective ways to find errors on our website. We will focus on proven and relatively easy methods for novice users, which will provide us with the necessary information about our subpages generating the error.

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Google Search Console If our website is connect to the free Google Search Console tool, all we have to do is go to the “Status -> Exclud” tab: How to detect error in google search console Here we will obtain information about pages that have recently USB Directory been visit by the Google robot and classifi as pages with a error. You can learn more about errors in Google Search Console at: s:support web mastersanswer not_found_ . Google Analytics If all pages with the error on your website have an automatically add fragment of text in the title (meta title.

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