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Other forms of payment are not popular and are chosen very rarely. Monthly value of crit and dit card transactions made online in the UK from. June to June in £ million Research conduct from June to June shows that. The proportions between these two payment methods have chang over the years. From month to month, the monthly value of transactions made. Online with a dit card increases, while the value of transactions carri out with a crit card decreases. UK promotion channels UK e-commerce promotion channels. New Brand Discovery Source – Percentage of internet users ag – who say they discover new brands and products through every channel.

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As research conduct by Hootsuite shows, the most popular source of discovering a new brand in the UK is an Internet search engine – . of Britons discover products and companies here. Similar values ​​are also present by friends’ recommendations, product Ireland Mobile Number List samples and retail wsites – this is how appro. of internet users in the UK get to know new brands. Digital Advertising Spend and year-on-year growth by sub- category Total spend on all forms of digital advertising in the UK in reach . billion. dollars. Advertisers spend the most on advertising in the search engine billion. dollars on social mia billion. dollars banners billion dollars.

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The largest increase in spending compar to was for advertising in social mia. Spending on video advertising also increas significantly. Less was spent in the UK year-on-year on banner ads down . and announcements down. Eport markets USB Directory Soon we will characterize and introduce you to other eport markets. You can download the high-resolution infographic HERE Also check out our other GrowGlobal infographics Germany What graphics to publish on social mia to make it legal Anna Idzior-Mironowicz August , You will read in ~ min.