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In this way, we will take care of building an up to date user profile. Tagging of behavior and visit areas on the website (continuation of initial profiling. From the section dicat to Anonymous Client. We are building a customer tag cloud. Thanks to which we will be able to assign it to the appropriate communication group in the case of various activities for different product groups. Personalizing the content (frame banners, pop-ups, messages – . chat) on the website in order to match the offer and create the feeling of “this store is for me”. Glossary pop-up A graphical layer on a page that appears on the action or action of a page user.

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It can cover the entire surface of the page or a fragment. It usually overrides the page forcing the target to take the action expect. Marketing Slovenia Mobile Number List Automation – pop-up An example of a pop-up window in the mlamp pl store. Web Push Alert Web Push notifications allow users to agree to receive current information. And messages from websites whose content is interesting, attractive and noteworthy. Notifications allow for effective user re-engagement using personaliz content. Exit-pop up Pop-up window that appears when you try to leave the page.

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The Exit pop-up window is display when the mouse cursor is mov outside the page area, outside the browser window, or to the area from the address bar and favorite shortcuts. Marketing Automation – exit pop-up An example of an exit pop-up window in the deezee.pl store Email marketing A form of direct marketing communication using e-mail. The USB Directory advantage of this form of contact with the target group is a high degree of personalization and content adaptation. It is good email marketing practice to agree to receive messages. Recommendation frames Areas of the website dynamically supplement with product suggestions that match the user’s interests and nes.

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