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Next Best Offer We activate “sleeping” subscribers by giving personalized recommendations The “Reactivation of dormant subscribers” scenario is designed to activate the part of mailing list recipients who have not visited the online store for a long time. To attract the attention of these inactive customers, the content of the letter includes a welcome text and a personal selection of products based on the interests and behavior of the buyer. Perhaps, among the offers, the recipient will find the desired product and go to the site for online shopping. Reactivation of dormant subscribers Using additional features of service letters Many marketers underestimate the power of service emails.

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Not only can they notify the subscriber about the action taken in the online store: subscription, order status and other actions, they can include personalized product recommendations based on the interests shown by the buyer. Please confirm your subscription and make personal Taiwan Mobile Number List offers After signing up for a subscription, in most cases, the buyer needs to confirm it. The letter asking you to confirm your subscription to the online store’s newsletter can include personalized recommendations, taking into account the preferences of the recipient. New Domovoy subscribers receive a selection of products they might like and a 10% promo code that can be used to continue shopping online.

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Thusthe client’s motivation to start their journey through the sales funnel increases significantly. Service mailing list We offer additional items for purchase Even when the client has already chosen the right product and placed an order, it is possible to draw his attention to USB Directory other catalog items. In a service letter with information that an order has been created, you can offer related products. For example, a blanket with a pillow. Related products Project comments How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domokos case “Trigger communication allows the marketer.

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