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Don’t be tempt by too many goals and thus KPIs, because it will make your actions more difficult. And it will certainly make data analysis very laborious. If you operate on a small scale, you can select several indicators. Approach KPIs step by step If you have a problem with extracting KPIs, you can initially indicate a larger number of them, and in the subsequent stages of work on the campaign, we out “unnecessary” indicators. Thanks to this, you will finally be able to specify what results and what data you care about the most. Specify your goals Which KPI should be set, of course, depends on the goal we want to achieve.

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This means that you first ne to specify the goal (it has to be specific and measurable), and then extract one or more performance indicators on this basis. E-commerce – how to start? Paulina roszko may , you will read in ~ min. E-commerce – how to Belarus Mobile Number List start did you know that the study “Prospects for the development of the e-commerce market in poland” conducted by pwc predicts that in the value of the e-commerce market in our country will reach pln billion? This gives an average annual increase of as much as ! So do not stay behind and join the group of entrepreneurs who have opted for e-commerce. Today we will tell you how to do it.

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E-commerce what is it? Before we move on to simple steps on how to start your adventure with e-commerce, it is worth explaining what it is at the beginning. The word “E-commerce” comes from english and, loosely translated into polish, simply means e-commerce. Electronic commerce is nothing more than the execution of purchase and USB Directory sale transactions on the web, using the latest technological and telecommunications solutions. However, e-commerce includes not only the activities of online stores (sale of goods and services). The definition also includes all marketing campaigns aimed at promoting the store and encouraging the conclusion of commercial transactions.